Pence: “Russia melted in our 2016 elections”
Image by Gage Skidmore

U.S Vice President Mike Pence while speaking at a Cybersecurity Summit in New York City addressing cyber-security related issues like election interference and hacking, he confirmed that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections.

Mike Pence also amid concerns of Russia meddling in the upcoming midterm elections and he announced that the administration will fund and provide states help to improve their security on their systems and websites.

“The fact is, Russia melted in our 2016 elections”

with that being said, the Vice President recommended all states to accept the administration’s help and improve their cyber-security systems as soon as possible to prevent foreign regimes like the Russian or the Chinese one from interfering again.

The U.S Vice President also blamed previous administrations for letting foreign interference and hacking happen: “Sadly, previous administrations have let the American people down when it came to cyber defense,” Pence said at the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cybersecurity Summit.

The fact is that Russia and other foreign nation states are trying to break into free countries, especially the U.S. and Europe in order interfere, cause divisiveness and make people lose trust in democracy itself.

Mike Pence also addressed an other issue, spying. Last year, the government blocked Russian backed (and possibly spying software) Kaspersky Lab antivirus firm from being used in government, but there are still concerns that Russia is spying on U.S officials and even the federal government itself.

Atha Fromy


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