A little boy asks his father what politics is. His father tries to explain. “Well, son,” he says, “I go out into the world every day and make money – so imagine me as Capitalism. Your mother handles the budget for the house, so you could regard her as the Government. Your nanny, who looks after you and your baby brother, works very hard – so we will call her the Working Class. You are in the midst of all this – so consider yourself as the People. And your baby brother? Look on him as the Future.”

That night the boy goes to bed pondering his father’s words. In the middle of the night, he is woken by his baby brother crying, clearly wanting to have his diaper changed. He goes into his parents’ bedroom and sees his mother fast asleep. He is unable to rouse her.

He goes to the nanny’s room and finds his father and the nanny making love. He tiptoes quietly out without being observed and goes back to bed.

At breakfast in the morning, the boy says to his father: “I was thinking about what you told me and I think I understand about politics now, dad.” His gratified father looks up from his toast and asks, “Oh yes, how is that?” “Well,” replies the boy, “Capitalism is screwing the Working Class. The Government is asleep. The People are being lied to and the Future is in deep mess.”

Promise Korienta

I am a writer and i enjoy it as much as i do the air i breath. I can write on literally any topic, i feel its a gift, and i am grateful for it.

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