The world is ready for universal basic income and here’s why

The concept of a universal basic income is an idea whose time has come.

By reforming the welfare system we could set the universal basic income concept in action, a monthly, universal, guaranteed and unconditional paycheck for all adults in order to cover their very basic needs, food, or even saving to start their own business.

“63% Of Americans Don’t Have Enough Savings To Cover A $500 Emergency, […] And yet, nearly two-thirds of Americans do not have enough money in savings to cover the cost of a single one of these unplanned expenses.”, a report on Forbes mentions.

After all, universal basic income is about fulfilling a basic and essential human right, the right to survive.

“A universal basic income would also solve the human rights of “the right to work” (Article 23 UDHR), which includes ‘free choice of employment’ and ‘just and favorable conditions’, is also very useful and will be returned to shortly.

The Right to Work (Article 23 UDHR) is useful for re-framing cultural notions of work, which focus on whether workers are working and how much they are contributing to GDP in a capitalist economy.

The Right to Work is clear that what is important is not their contribution to the economy via their labor, but what work they do, and whether someone has ‘freely chosen or accepted’ the work.”, a report on Veboc mentions.

UBI would also dramatically reduce crime rates, for instance in Namibia, there was about a 40 percent drop in crime in areas where the UBI was introduced. Suicides would also decrease, as the most of them are result of depression, which is mostly caused by anxiety about survival, according to a report by The Incomer.

Opposing universal basic income is like opposing the human right that fulfills, and today we need that more than ever before, as automation is replacing more and more jobs, it seems like a Universal Basic Income (UBI) is the best solution.

Tom Frl

Writer on Luref, @TomFrl on Twitter.

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