Universal Basic Income Gets Attacked (Wrongfully)

“Progress is about incentives. The reason UBI will fail is the cycle of dependency built into it. It is a gateway drug to collectivism. Turning the U.S. into Venezuela is a universally bad idea.”, that was a paragraph of an article on wsj.com attacking UBI.

It’s actually the exact opposite of what the article is saying, because UBI will end the cycle of dependency on terrible job positions, unemployment, fear of starting a business and the freedom to try and invest without the fear of poverty.

The idea of a universal basic income is the idea of a paycheck to everyone, unconditionally in order to reduce government spending on unnecessary social services, and let people decide what their basic needs are.

“Universal basic income can fulfill many currently unfulfilled human rights by giving people enough consuming power to do the basics.

It’s like an economic “floor”, people will still work but in a case of emergency they will be able to carry out the situation and even find a better job or invest.

A universal basic income would also solve the human rights of “the right to work” (Article 23 UDHR), which includes ‘free choice of employment’ and ‘just and favorable conditions’, is also very useful and will be returned to shortly.

The Right to Work (Article 23 UDHR) is useful for re-framing cultural notions of work, which focus on whether workers are working and how much they are contributing to GDP in a capitalist economy.

The Right to Work is clear that what is important is not their contribution to the economy via their labor, but what work they do, and whether someone has ‘freely chosen or accepted’ the work.”, an article on Veboc.com reported.

The whole idea of a universal basic income (UBI) is the evolution of Capitalism itself, so why may some people are attacking it?

Tom Frl

Writer on Luref, @TomFrl on Twitter.

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