Both Conservatives And Liberals Support UBI, And For Good Reason

When hearing about universal basic income (UBI), most people have in mind automation and extreme poverty, although a UBI would help solve there issues, there’s much more to it.

Not all people are the same, therefore not all people have the same needs, an entrepreneur need some time to start his business, and a basic income can provide with with resources so instead of working a random job he can build his business.

An artist may need some economic boost, as our economy is not based on rewarding art, but demand, which is great, so a universal basic income can help an artist build a business on his art, or even get educated so he can compete in the marketplace.

An office worker may need a fresh position, and as he lives from paycheck to paycheck he doesn’t have the time to look and which jobs. A universal basic income would help his do this transition without the fear of poverty.

All people, no matters on what point on the political spectrum they stand are supporting the idea of a universal basic income because UBI itself would grow the economy by $2.5 trillion and reduce crime by 40%.

A universal basic income (UBI) would also reduce stress, as according to study that “indicates that UBI may have a revolutionary effect on stress among those in and out of work, raising health and, potentially, productivity in the process.”, a report by labourlist mentions.

Remember the board game “Monopoly”? You were given 200$ each time you passed the starting point, even in a game you things can get bad. A universal basic income would do something similar to the real economy, resulting to more opportunities and economic equality for everyone.

Instead of costly and complicated conditional welfare systems, a universal basic income would give people true individual freedom.

Tom Frl

Writer on Luref, @TomFrl on Twitter.

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