Rubio Just Attacked Universal Basic Income, Here’s Why He’s Wrong
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Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., as keynote speaker of the Antipoverty Forum hosted by The Heritage Foundation on Thursday said that “America’s not an economy, it’s a nation of peoples and families and communities, and our economy works for the people”.

The problem is that an average job position isn’t even enough to make a living, forcing you to lower the quality of your life in order for you to have the basics, even with shortcomings.

Universal basic income is proved to lower crime, boost the US economy by 2.5 trillion dollars, reduce inequality (not just economic) and also to reduce work-related stress, resulting to a healthier life for people.

Rubio pushed back against a universal basic income, under the logic that UBI solves poverty, but also undermines the dignity of work, but all the studies and facts prove Rubio wrong.

“Our obsession with paid work is damaging our mental health”

This was the title of a recent article at World Economic Forum’s website, explaining why our attachment to a specific way of thinking about “making a living” is damaging our health, mentioning that:

“This could expand our common understanding of what ‘work’ means beyond its current form as a purely economic relation. In this light, people would be empowered to find value, identity, status and reward in forms of work that do not involve wage-labour. And then the misery long found in the experience of unemployment could finally disappear.”

Rubio’s views and actions are extremely dangerous, as they undermine the trust in research and reality, promoting a way of thinking based on ideology and not facts.

Tom Frl

Writer on Luref, @TomFrl on Twitter.

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