Luref is a website that provides bloggers and journalists a platform to share and exploit their content. Writers are getting paid directly for the revenue they generate with their posts (mostly through advertising), while we keep a small fee so we can maintain the site.

Writers are not only benefiting by getting paid, they also have the ability to be self-advertised through their articles and Bio (which is publicly shown under their articles).

It’s simple, the revenues from your posts are automatically added to your balance. You can check your balance at your earnings located at (Account -> Earnings).

*We use PayPal for the payments.

(Exceptions apply)

We keep a fee from your revenue, don’t worry, the fee is already being calculated kept when your earnings are updated, so you’ll never notice any loss from that.

There is the small threshold of $5, as soon as your balance is $5+ you can receive your payment.

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