Journalists and bloggers are working hard, but are usually not rewarded accordingly, that’s why we created LUREF.

Making money writing articles can be very complicated and hard, especially if you just starting out. Here’s how you can start making money today just be writing articles.

Instead, writing on a platform which pays you directly for your content while you’re being heard and building an audience, can be a really faster, easier and maybe the start of your own online journey. is one of these platforms, with all the above benefits and much more. It’s 100% free and you can start earning as soon as you start writing.

Our website offers you the ability to profit from your content, and at the same time to build your audience for your future, or current projects. Offering you the ability to self-advertise & many opportunities, is one of the best ways to make money and build your personal (and not only) audience.


Unlimited articles, rich text editor.


People tend to follow people and embrace ideas that they like, social media and personal advertising allowed.


No cap on earnings, sky's the limit.

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